How Rainbow is Formed

Rainbow is one of  optic phenomena that happens in the atmosphere of the earth naturally. We can see it at mountin range, or  when it is cloudy, or  when it is raining and rising of sun. We have to be the other side for looking.  We  just can see it a half of circle form, but acctually the rainbow is a circle form. We can see it perfectly, if it is seen by standing in the high place. It is real that rainbow is a circle form not like parabola form.
On the ground, we can not see perfectly, except if we are in the high place like in the air plane or standing on top of  moutain. When we are looking at rainbow’s colors, we will see them that ordered of red is on the highest order,  and purple is on  the lowest order.
Red is more dominant than another color caused by having biggest wave between others. Therefore the red one is in the highest order  and purple one is in lowest order. How rainbow is formed?  Try to watch it when light of sun concerns a 90-degree angle mirror or a glass prism side, or surface of  soap foam. We can see colors on the light. The light is rayyed to be some  wave lenght of light that it is seen by our eyes as red, bright red, yellow, green, blue and purple. These colors are compnents of light that they are called visible light. The other component is invisible light such as infrared (red is in the right side), and ultraviolet (bright red is in the left side).
So, we can see the beautiful rainbow because there are some processes to be beautiful rainbow that it appears in the sky.


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